Lancaster in the 19th Century

The books, listed below, are taken ‘word for word’ from the Lancaster Gazette. They are a unique account told by their reporters ‘on the spot.’
Genealogists searching for their elusive ancestors may well find them here. The text contains thousands of names of individuals, families and businesses.

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1. A Comparison of Lancaster, England and Lancaster, Pennsylvania written in 1880 (10 pages 600KB)
2. Castle Howell School, Queen's Square, Lancaster (10 pages 581KB) List of subscribers, Register of Pupils, census of head teachers & staff 1851/1861/1871/1881
3. Literary Associations with Lancaster & District 1929 (19 pages 246KB) List of names

Peace in Lancaster 1814

Researched by Linda Moorhouse
Illustrated by Ben Moorhouse

An account of how the "Good Old Town" celebrated the defeat of
France and the exile of Napoleon.

26 pages of A4


  • Events leading up to the Peace
  • On the Return of Peace
  • Map of Lancaster 1807
  • How Lancaster celebrated the Peace
  • Poems
  • For the Sufferers of Waterloo
  • Waterloo Subscription
  • Interesting Events reported about Waterloo
  • The Royal Lancashire Militia come home
  • England, Europe's Glory



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EXAMPLE of book:

Mr Redmayne. A large Star with G.R. in lamps, and a beautifully executed Transparency. The eye of Providence sending the angel of Peace over the globe, for the protection of the Arts and Sciences. Motto, “Thanks to God.”
Mr Winder. A Transparency of Britannia raising from the ground and shielding a female figure. Motto. “Britannia protecting Spain.”

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The Diary of William Stout of Lancaster 1665 to 1752
The Terrible Railway Accident at the Bay Horse in 1848
The Gude Auld Towne of Lancaster in 1803
The Loyal Town of Lancaster in 1811
Peace in Lancaster in 1814
The Assize Town of Lancaster in 1821
A Genteel family's Tour of Lancaster & the Lake District 1827
The Ancient Borough of Lancaster in 1831
The Good Old Town of Lancaster in 1841
The Opening of Ripley Hospital, Lancaster in 1864
On the Banks of the River Lune 1801 to 1840
The Villages of the Lune Valley & Estuary 1841 to 1845
Scotforth Village 1801 to 1840
The Scotforth Murder 1866
Inhabitants of Westmorland as listed in the 1858 Post Office Directory
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