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Christmas knitting patterns

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Cute hats to knit - owl, bear, pig, cat, hello kitty, McQueen racing car, beret, batman, bicycle, Christmas Pudding, sailor, duck

Cute hats to knit - Part 1

Patterns include: owl hat; bear hat; pig hat; black cat hat; hello kitty hat; racing car hat; beret; Batman hat; bicycle hat; Christmas Pudding hat; sailor's cap; duck hat

Hats to fit ages 1 to 6

Batman & bicycle hats to fit ages 4 to 8 years

Price £2 for PDF

Cute hats to knit 2

Cute Hats to Knit - Part 2

Alice Band hat; Bluebell hat; Olaf hat; Elsa hat; Superman hat; Shaun the Sheep hat; Train hat; Panda hat; Chevron striped hat; Tartan hat; Paw Patrol hat; Peppa Pig hat

Hats to fit ages 2 to 6
Alice Band hat - 15.5 inches around face
Superman hat to fit ages 5 to 8
Tartan hat to fit ages 7 to 10

double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF

Cute hats to knit 3

Cute Hats to Knit - Part 3

Raspberry beret; Spiral hat; Bobbles hat; Christmas hat; Motorbike hat; Fox hat; Penguin hat; Minmen hats

Fox hat, Penguin hat & Minmen hats to fit ages 2 to 6
Spiral hat, Christmas hat & Bobbles hat to fit ages 4 to 8
Raspberry beret & Motorbike hat to fit ages 6 to 10
Minman 1 eye hat to fit ages 8 to 12

double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF