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JCB knitting pattern Barbara Williams
stickman motif sweater knitting pattern children
Unicorn sweater motif knitting pattern
(c) Barbara Williams
(c) Yvonne
(c) Jennifer Archer
cement mixer knitting pattern by Sylvia Graham
digger knitting pattern by Yvonne Duke
(C) Sylvia Graham
(C) Yvonne Duke
digger sweater
Tractor knitting pattern sweater
(c) Sylvie Jennings
(c) Sylvie Jennings
Lego motif sweater knitting pattern Legoman
knitting pattern panda motif sweater
(c) Gay Rogers
(c) Gay Rogers
tractor sweater knitting pattern
digger knitting pattern June Picken
Guardsmen sweater knitting pattern
George Pig Peppa sweater knitting pattern
(c) Alison Cotterill
(C) June Picken
(c) Christine Taylor
(c) Gillian Perks
George Pig knitting pattern sweater
steam train knitting pattern sweater
(c) Gay Rogers
(c) Gay Rogers
Baby penguin knitting pattern motif sweater
Digger fairisle sweater knitting pattern
(c) Kay Gillespie
(c) Irene Broziat
Diplodocus knitting pattern sweater
horse's head sweater
Lifeboat anchor R.N.L.I. sweater knitting pattern
JCB knitting pattern sweater
(c) Gillian Perks
(c) Yvonne
(c) Yvonne
(c) Rosemary Woolger
Guardsmen sweater
Monkey design motif knitting pattern
dump truck knitting pattern sweater
(c) Nannette
(c) Lynette Morgan
(c) Shirley Casey
Minion knitting pattern sweater childrens
Shaun the sheep knitting pattern sweater jumper
(c) Rita Everitt
(c) Ann Latham
Emperor Penguin & chick March of the Penguins knitting pattern
Minman sweater knitting pattern alias Minion
Peppa Pig knitting pattern
Peppa Pig sweater knitting pattern
(c) Janet Edmonds
(c) Janet Edmonds
(c) Liz Chiddicks
(c) Alexia Morris
dump truck sweater knitting pattern
Darth Vader knitting pattern childs sweater
Penguin sweater knitting pattern
Superdog superman Border Terrier dog bandana
(c) Barbara Neal
(c) Elizabeth Cooper
(c) Gabriele Beatty
(c) Dave Moorhouse
Fire engine sweater motif knitting pattern
fire engine knitting pattern steam train sweater
Border Collie dog knitting pattern
(c) Frances James
(c) Catherine McDermott
(c) Connie Ramsay
Baby Penguin knitting pattern sweater
Sabre toothed tiger sweater knitting pattern
Wolverine sweater knitting patterm
Paw Patrol sweater knitting pattern chase children
(c) Marlene Hutchins
(c) Yvonne
(c) Kate Russell
T-Rex sweater knitting pattern
Dump truck motif knitting pattern
Elephant knitting pattern sweater
(c) Wendy Turner
(c) Barrie Fairhead
(c) Connie Ramsay
Camper van RV knitting pattern VW
penguin hot water bottle cover knitting pattern
cat motif knitting pattern sweater
(c) Lynn Tompsett
(c) Luisa Baker
(c) Connie Ramsey
JCB sweater knitting pattern
Unicorn knitting pattern sweater - Linda's Knitwear Designs
sausage doy motif knitting pattern dachshund
Baby Penguin sweater knitting pattern
(c) Lynne Turner
(c) Sylvia Hill
(c) Evelyn Moriarty
(c) Karen Wadey
tractor knitting pattern
Octapus sweater knitting pattern motif chart
Elsa Frozen sweater knitting pattern
(c) Felicity Stryjak
(c) Evelyn Moriarty
(c) Terri Parker
Unicorn knitting pattern sweater child
Fire-engine sweater knitting pattern
tractor sweater knitting pattern
Unicorn knitting pattern
(c) Mo Catterson
(c) Daphne Manning
(c) Daphne Manning
(c) Kathryn Robins
Law Symbol Vector knitting pattern
tractor motif knitting pattern
Bear duffle coat knitting pattern
(c) Connie Ramsay
(c) Richard Wheeler
(c) Betsy
tank motif sweater knitting pattern
Roman soldier warrior motif knitting pattern
Unicorn knitting pattern sweater
Unicorn sweater knitting pattern
(c) Yvonne
(c) Yvonne
(c) Lauren Brown
(c) Trish Bilsland


"Thanks Linda, that is brilliant and fantastic instructions. You have a great website and prompt service - I’ll pass the word on :)"

"Many many thanks, I love your wee piggies and their house. I really really like a lot of your designs. Last year I bought your lovely mermaid, and gorgeous puffin pattern. Thanks again."

"I have book marked your site for future reference. Thanks for a great pattern at a great price delivered in the fastest and easiest way possible! Sincerely yours 'a satisfied customer.'

"I just wanted to thank you again for the pattern, and show you the jumper I have made. Your instructions were so good, and your tips were a big help."

"I'm so excited! I'm making these sweaters for my grandsons..... they will LOVE them!!!!!!! :)"

"Thank you so much for the pattern. I'm looking forward to trying it out for a friend's little boy who is crazy about Frozen.Thanks too for such an excellent service." 

"My two-year-old grandson LOVES all kinds of diggers, so I’ll be excited to get started on this new sweater for him. It’s by far the best pattern I’ve found for a “digger sweater.”"

"I have finished the Red racing car jumper for my friend's little boy. When he saw it he squealed, hugged it and jumped up and down on the spot. I am not sure they can get it off him now to wash it!"

"Thank you very much,Linda.I was so pleased to find your design. Zacky, my 5 and a half year old grandson specially asked me for an emperor penguin. It's pretty well the only jumper he agrees to wear! but it does have to be washed sometimes....."

"I would love to buy the children’s sweater with dump truck motive on it. I’ve made the digger one and my grandson refuses to take the sweater off! His mom asked me to knit another one so that they can alternate sweaters."

"I just finished the sweater for my grandson. Because he is only one year and four months old I took a thinner wool- Lana Grossa cool wool merino superfein. The gauge is 24 stitches per 10cm so I could take the smallest size. It was a pleasure to knit this!"