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Christmas knitting patterns

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Pig toys knitting pattern

Pig Hamlet

Pattern includes: pig hat & scarf with pockets; Perry pig (14.5 inches); daddy, mummy & piglets; Pansy pig (9.5 inches); Pierre pig (9.5 inches); Carl & Carla pigs; Popit finger puppet; Paula dresses up as Peppa Pig & Pierre dresses up as Piglet (Pooh Bear's friend)

double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF

Free Download of Pig Hamlet Story

Billy bear toy knitting pattern

Billy Bear & Friends

Billy Bear: 13 inches tall
Winter Bear: 13 & 17 inches tall
Summer Bear: 13 inches tall
Bucko Bear: 14.5 inches tall
Beatrice Bear: 14.5 inches tall
Bruno Bear: 13 & 15 inches tall
Chunky Bear: 15 inches tall
Small girl & boy Bear: 5 inches tall
Bear hat & scarf to fit 2 to 6 year old

double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF

Free Download of Billy Bear Story

cute toys to knit

Cute toys to knit

Lenny the Lion - 8 inches tall. 
Robert the Rabbit - 9 inches tall. 
Roberta Rabbit - 6 inches tall. 
Molly the dog - 4 inches tall. 
Paul Panda - 6 inches tall. 
Matt - 14 inches tall. 
Fruit & Vegetable finger puppets. 
Penguin hot-water bottle cover to fit a hot-water bottle 8 inches x 10 inches. 
Dog Treat Bag - 4x7 inches
Small Bear in a sleeping bag

All knitted in double knitting yarn.

Price £2 for PDF

cute toys to knit 2

Cute Toys to knit - Part 2

Pattern includes: Martin & Mary with Dan the dog. Martin has a hiking outfit with accessories and also a football kit. Mary has a walking outfit with accessories. Martin & Mary are 15 inches tall and Dan is 4.25 inches tall. 

Bella Ballerina is 15 inches tall.
 Samuel Squirrel is 9.5 inches tall.
 Woolly Mammoth is 9.5 inches tall.
Colin the cat is 13.5 inches tall.  

All knitted in double knitting yarn.

Price £2 for PDF

cute toys to knit 3

Cute Toys to Knit - Part 3

Pattern includes:
Marco & Marcia Circus Monkeys - 9.5 inches tall.
Clothes & accessories: skirt; pants; top; pumps; flower; trousers; jacket; hat; bow-tie. 
Ball - 17 inches around middle

Edward & Edwina elephant toys: 9.5 inches tall
Clothes and accessories for Edward: apple, binoculars, trousers, sweater, orange juice, scarf, hat & rucksack. Clothes and accessories for Edwina: beach suit, beach ball, sun hat, necklace, towel/sarong, beach bag, swimming ring, water bottle, suntan lotion & sun glasses.

Double knitting yarn. 

Price £2 for PDF

knit a story about Meg & Matt and their dogs

Knit a Story about Meg & Matt & their dogs Molly & Dan

Pattern includes:doll; pants; dress; shawl; bag; shoes; head-band; necklace; dog & dog's coat; walking trousers; sweater; hat; boots; rucksack; mat; sandwiches; fairy cake; orange juice; camera

double knitting & 3 ply yarn

doll: 15 inches high
chest size (after stuffing) 12 inches

dog: 4.5 inches tall

Price £2 for PDF

Free Dowload of Story
Matt and Meg go walking in the Trough of Bowland with their dogs Dan & Molly.

Christmas toys to knit

Cute Christmas Toys

Stanley Snowman toy - 9.5 inches tall
Peter Penguin toy - 5 inches tall
Bobby Bear toy - 9.5 inches tall
Father Christmas - 9.5 inches tall
Rudolph Reindeer - 11.5 inches tall
Reindeer Herder - 7.5 inches tall.
Christmas Stocking with Robin or Penguin design
Christmas Stocking for your dog
Snow Rabbit - 6 inches tall
Christmas Pudding hat to fit ages 3 to 6 years

double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF

Cute Christmas Toys tinkerbell minion

Cute Christmas Toys 2

Christmas Minman toy - 9.5 inches tall
Snowy Owl - 14.5 inches tall
Turkey toy - 7 inches tall
Fairy toy - 13 inches tall
Christmas tree toy - 12 inches tall
Poodle toy - 8.5 inches tall
Dog bandana for your Superdog
Christmas stocking with snowman design
Christmas hat to fit ages 4 to 8 years
Christmas Winter Bear - 17.5 inches tall

Price £2 for PDF


Nibit knitting pattern troll hebredian sheep herdick sheep

Knit a Story about Nibit and the Unknown Land

The pattern includes:
Nibit who is 7.5 inches tall; his shorts; rucksack; rope; rustic bread & cheese; water carrier; napkin & cloak.
Nibit's mother who is 13 inches tall; dress; pants; mop cap; shawl; underskirt.
Wiseman (Wizard) who is 15 inches tall; trousers; tunic; long coat with hood.
The Troll who is 13 inches tall
Big Fella the Hebridian Sheep who is 9 inches (sitting down)
Herdie the Herdwick sheep who is 9 inches (sitting down)

The patterns are all knitted in double knitting yarn.

Price £2 for PDF

Free Download of Nibit Story

sea world

Sea World

Pattern includes: Mermaid, Schoolgirl; Emperor Penguin; Puffin: Sunshine Fish; Sea World Knitting Bag.

Doll: 13 inches tall; Penguin: 9.5 inches tall; Puffin: 7 inches tall; Sunshine Fish: 8 x 11 inches; Knitting Bag: 17inches x 17 inches

All knitted in double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF

Free Download of Sea World Story

The Raindrop Family & their Friends Little Raindrop

The Raindrop Family & their Friends to Knit

The Pattern consists of: Mr Raindrop 5 inches tall; Mrs Raindrop 4.5 inches tall; Little Raindrop 3 inches tall; Rainbow bag 12 inches square; Sinbar the Elephant 7 inches tall; Giant Mouse 22 inches tall; Mrs Mouse 9.5 inches tall; Mal the Duck 7 inches tall; Crazy Horse 13 inches tall

All knitted in double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF

Free Download of The Raindrop Story

Rabbit Burrow knitting pattern foxes rucksack

Rabbit Burrow

The Burrow contains 5 burrows and is decorated with grass, flowers, mushrooms, ladybirds & caterpillars.

The Rabbit family are: Ben Rabbit 7.5 inches tall; Florence Rabbit 9.5 inches tall; Elliot Rabbit 6.5 inches tall; Robert Rabbit 9 inches tall; Rosie Rabbit 11.5 inches tall; Rowan Rabbit 6.5 inches tall; Yvonne Rabbit 7 inches tall; Molly Rabbit 11 inches tall & Peter Rabbit 11 inches tall.

There is also Mr Fox (13 inches tall) & Mrs Fox (9.5 inches tall) and a rabbit rucksack to carry your rabbits in.

double knitting yarn

Price £2 for PDF



"I just wanted to thank you again for the pattern, and show you the jumper I have made. Your instructions were so good, and your tips were a big help."

"I'm so excited! I'm making these sweaters for my grandsons..... they will LOVE them!!!!!!! :)"

"Thank you so much for the pattern. I'm looking forward to trying it out for a friend's little boy who is crazy about Frozen.Thanks too for such an excellent service." 

"My two-year-old grandson LOVES all kinds of diggers, so I’ll be excited to get started on this new sweater for him. It’s by far the best pattern I’ve found for a “digger sweater.”"

"I have finished the Red racing car jumper for my friend's little boy. When he saw it he squealed, hugged it and jumped up and down on the spot. I am not sure they can get it off him now to wash it!"

"Thank you very much,Linda.I was so pleased to find your design. Zacky, my 5 and a half year old grandson specially asked me for an emperor penguin. It's pretty well the only jumper he agrees to wear! but it does have to be washed sometimes....."