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Sirdar 3122 dolls knitting patterns clothes

Doll's outfit

to fit doll height: 12 to 22 inches

track-suit; trousers; t-shirt; shorts; trainers; socks

pattern has pen markes on the cover

double knitting yarn

Sirdar 3122

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

Sirdar 3119 dolls clothes

Doll's outfit

to fit doll height: 12 to 22 inches

cardigan; skirt; beret; shoes; socks; vest; pants

double knitting yarn

Sirdar 3119

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

Emu 6753

Doll's clothes

4 ply yarn

jump suit; duffle bag; track suit

Emu 6753

Price £1.75 plus £1 postage


Baby doll outfits - matinee coat with hood, angel top, bonnet, pull-ups

to fit doll 14 inches

double knitting yarn

Wendy 1757

Cost £2 plus £1 postage

Loweth Wools of Leicester Bear Necessities 597 clothes for teddy bears knitting pattern

Bear Necessities

to fit bear: height 15 to 23 inches & chest size 12 to 21 inches

Sailor's outfit; T-shirt, dungarees & pinafore dress; his & her swimming outfits; ballet outfit; his & her Evening outfits; Hawaiian style; Football strip; Supporters outfit; Guardsman outfit

20 pages

Loweth Wools 597

Price £4 plus £2 postage

6407 Lee Target dolls clothes knitting pattern

Doll's outfit

coat with hood; leggings

to fit doll: 16 inches tall

double knitting yarn

Lee Target 6407

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage


Baby doll outfits

gown; bonnet; shawl; sleeping suit

to fit doll length 14 inches, width 11.5 inches

double knitting yarn

Wendy 1813

Price £2 plus £1 postage


Dolly Book by Emu 20

Dolly Book by Emu

to fit dolls: Miss Selfridge; 12 inch Pedigree; Sheena; Sindy

Patterns include: party dresses; dress with duck motifs; baby doll outfit; baby doll dress & pants; coat, dress & pants; poncho & trousers; sweater & jeans; wedding trousseau for large & small doll; embroidered dress with pants; dungarees & jumper

20 pages

Price £2.50 plus £1.50 postage

Coats 78 dolls clothes

Doll's clothes

to fit 12 to 14 inch doll

double knitting yarn

6 pages

coat; dress; beach set

Coats 78

Price £1.75 plus £1 postage

Sirdar 2069 dolls clothes

Doll's clothes

to fit dolls 10 to 16 inches

8 pages

double knitting yarn

jacket; bonnet; helmet; mittens

Sirdar 2069

Price £2 plus £1 postage



Craftime - The Gilbert Collection

Catherine - GCP2

to fit 15 inch doll

double knitting yarn

panties, dress, cape & evening bag

cost £2 plus £1 postage


Doll's clothes to fit a 22 inch doll

Angel top; bonnet; bootees

4 ply yarn

Sirdar 6454

pattern creased

cost £2 plus £1 postage

Lister 1224 dolls clothes knitting pattern

Doll's clothes

to fit 13 inch doll

dress; handbag; beret; bra; pilch; waist slip; pinafore dress; blouse; hood

double six yarn

Lister 1224

Price £2 plus £1 postage


Dolls clothes

to fit doll 14, 16 or 18 inches

cat suit; over dress; cape

double knitting yarn

Sirdar 5670

Cost £2 plus £1 postage


Doll's clothes

Trousers, tank-top, cap, bag, skirt, smock top, shoulder bag, dress, jacket, bonnet & bootees.

Designs for a 12, 16 & 18 inch doll

double knitting yarn

6 pages

Lister-Lee 521

Cost £2 plus £1 postage


Doll's clothes

National Costume Series

Designs for a 12 inch doll

4 ply yarn

France & Italy

Pattern has been folded, has punched holes in the left hand side, has writing on the front and is tatty round the edges.

The instructions are complete

Patons 9897

Cost £1.75 plus £1 postage

dolls clothes

Doll's clothes

to fit doll about 11 inches high

3 & 4 ply yarn

Vest & pants; Jersey & dungarees; Coat, hat & scarf; Smock & tights; Nightie

pattern from magazine

Cost £1.75 plus £1 postage


Doll's clothes

Playsuit - cap, cardigan & trews

Party outfit - skirt, jerkin, sweater & undies

Designs for a 10 - 20 inch doll

4 ply yarn

Pattern has been folded, has punched holes in the left hand side, has pen marks on, slightly discoloured and is tatty round the edges.

The instructions are complete

Patons 9391

Cost £1.75 plus £1 postage


Harmony 123 dolls clothes

Doll's clothes

to fit a fashion doll

4 ply or double knitting yarn

jacket; halter blouse; afternoon and evening dress; coat

Harmony 123

Price £2 plus £1 postage

Hayfield 40 doll's clothes

Teenage doll's clothes

4 ply yarn

Patterns include: navy two-piece suit with matching hat; white ribbed dress; yellow dress; three colour shift dress; turquoise dress with matching stole; jade chunky jacket; pink two-piece suit with matching crochet hat; white sleeveless overblouse; peacock green coat & hat; pale blue and white sports set; lilac two-pice evening set; cream chunky jacket

8 pages

Hayfield 40

Price £2 plus £1 postage

Bestway 3504 dolls clothes knitting pattern

Doll's clothes

18 to 20 inch doll's set

dress; coat; bonnet; pilch; shoes

double knitting yarn

Bestway 3504

Price £2 plus £1 postage

P{atons 1371 dolls clothes

Doll's clothes

10 to 16 inch doll

coat & pixie; dress; sweater & skirt; vest & pilch

double knitting, 4 ply & 3 ply yarn

Patons 1371

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

7021 Hayfield dolls clothes knitting patterns

Doll's fashions

20 pages

Layette for baby doll; p[ram set; indoor and outdoor sets for baby doll; dress, slacks, cap & poncho; girl doll trouser suit & beret; cloak & hood; teenage dolls outfit

Hayfield 7021

Price £3.50 plus £1.25 postage

Wendy 619 dolls clothes

Doll's Wardrobe - Part 2

to fit dolls 12 to 22 inches tall

13 outfits - larger sizes suitable for premature babies - 20 pages

dress; apron; head scarf; boy & girl school outfits; tennis outfits; bride and bridesmaid dresses; baby's first outing; night-dress; panties; dressing-gown; romper suit; blanket

double knitting yarn & 4 ply

Wendy 619

Price £3.50 plus £1.50 postage

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