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All the patterns for sale are original ones not scans or photocopies.
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Jean GreenhoweJiffyknits toys

Jean Greenhowe's Jiffyknits

fast food; Easter delights; Allsorts of Novelties; Haunted Halloween; Jungle fun; Merry Christmas

28 pages

double knitting yarn

Price £3 plus £1.50 postage

Jean Greenhowe MacScarecrow Clan

Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow Clan

The Scottish Scarecrow Family

Scotty; Morag; Scamp the dog; Wee Sproot; Baby Bonnie; Great Uncle Angus; Big Bobby

double knitting yarn

20 pages

Patons 308

Price £3 plus £1.50 postage


British birds knitting pattern

British Birds

designed by Janice Anderson

blackbird; bullfinch; robin; blue tit; greenfinch

double knitting yarn

32 pages

Price 2.50 plus 1 postage

Jean Greenhow Toy Collection

Jean Greenhowe's Toy Collection

Over twenty easy-to-knit designs

Teddy Bears picnic; Sweet little snowballs; The Bunny Family; Octopus mascot or toy; Little Men and monsters; dinosaurs; Christmas Tree Trims; Grandpa and Grandma Humpty Dumpty

double knitting yarn

20 pages - has been folded

Patons 299

Price £3 plus £1.50 postage

jean greenhowe

Jean Greenhowe's Scarecrow Family

Seven knitted dolls and baby's pushchair

double knitting yarn

20 pages


Price £3 plus £1.50 postage


Jean Greenhowe knitted toys booklet

Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys

Irresisible soft toy designs: duck family; puppy; koala, piglet, bunny & panda; elephants; penguin; whales; mice; Puss in boots; frog family; kitten; owl

double knitting yarn

20 pages

Price £3 plus £1.50 postage

Alan Dart troll knitting pattern

Rocking Troll designed by Alan Dart

11 inches tall

double knitting yarn

7 pages from a magazine

Price £3.50 plus £1 postage

Wendy 2261 Postman Pat toy knitting pattern

Postman Pat & cat toys

designed by Joy Gammon

Postman Pat 16 inches high

Cat 8 inches high

double knitting yarn

Wendy 2261

Price £3 plus £1 postage


Brac Dinosaur sweater & toy

sizes 20 to 26 inches

double knitting yarn

Toy 18 inches high

6 pages

Patons 5058

Cost £2.50 plus £1 postage

Patons 1477

Hush Puppy puppet

length 10 inches

Crochet & knitted version

double knitting yarn

Patons 1477

Price £1.75 plus £1 postage

4593 Sirdar Father Christmas knitting pattern toy

Father Christmas Knitted toy

12.5 inches tall

double knitting yarn

Sirdar 4593

Price 2 plus £1 postage

275 Rico teddy bear knitting pattern

Teddy Bears & blanket

Teddies: 8, 11.75 & 13.75 inches tall

Blanket: 24 x 31 inches

double knitting yarn

Rico 275

Price 2.50 plus £1 postage

Victoria Plum Doll knitting pattern

Victoria Plum Doll

designed by Joy Gammon

size: 10 inches tall

double knitting yarn

Wendy 2546

Price 2.50 plus £1 postage

1004 King Cole teddy knitting pattern toy

Teddy Bear

size: 13 inches tall

double knitting yarn

King Cole 1004

Price 2.50 plus £1 postage

Wendy 2542 Tom & Jerry knitting pattern

Tom & Jerry Toys designed by Joy Gammon

Tom 16 inches tall; Jerry 6 inches tall

6 pages

double knitting yarn

Wendy 2542

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

Alpaca toy knitting pattern

Dave the Alpaca designed by Kari-Helene Rane

4 pages from a magazine

Price £1.75 plus £1 postage

Alan Dart Devil

Alan Dart Toy

Little Devil for Halloween

9.5 inches tall

double knitting yarn

5 pages from a magazine

Price £5 plus £1 postage

Woolly World cup

Woolly World Cup - booklet

by Clare Scope-Farrell

32 pages

double knitting yarn

Includes players; football; goals

Price £3 plus £1 postage


Alan Dart Tweet Hearts

Alan Dart Toy

Tweet Hearts for Valentine's Day

7 inches tall

double knitting yarn

5 pages from a magazine

Price £3 plus £1 postage

Wendy 530

Wendy Bits and Bobs

tea cosy; drawstring bag; bobble purse; bonnet, bootees & mitts; cushions; toilet roll holder; toys; owl; cat; bear; lion; dog; hat; scarf; mitts; helmet; leg warmers; slippers; hot water bottle cover; doll's outfit; doll's cot blanket; caterpillar draught excluder.

16 pages

Wendy 530

Price £2.50 plus £1.25 postage

Bring & buy sale

Bring & Buy Sale

Sewing, knitting, crochet & tatting

12 pages from a magazine

Cross-stitch bookmark; knitted slippers; knitted squirrel toy; sewing - apron, kitchen gloves, peg bag; crochet mat; tatting lace; knitted mouse tidy; cross stitch teddy card

Price £2 plus £1 postage

Jean Greenhowe scarecrow toy knitting pattern

Jean Greenhowe Scarecrow knitting pattern

13.5 inches tall

double knitting yarn

Price £2 plus £1 postage

knitted elephant

Elephant cushion & toy

cushion 14 inches high; baby elephant 4 inches high

double knitting yarn

Price £1.75 plus £1 postage

floppy dog knitting pattern

Floppy Dog

12 inches tall

double knitting yarn

5 pages from a magazine

Price £1.75 plus £1 postage

Patons 92

Patons Bazaar

Hand knitted & crochet novelties for gifts and Bazaar stalls

36 pages

handbag; cushion cover; cushion; coat for a dog; wine bottle cover; bedsocks; lady's slippers; child's kitten slippers; bedsocks and hot water bottle cover; golf club covers; circular scarf; scarf-type bedjacket; hat with tassels; nightie case and matching hot water bottle cover; nursery alphabet & motifs to knit or embroider; tea cosy and nest; matching tea cosy, coffee pot cosy & egg cosy; petal tea cosy; pineapple coffee cosy; owl tea cosy; rabbit & clown egg cosies; Friar Tuck and house egg cosies; Crinoline lady egg cosy; holdall; shoulder shawl; ball; how to crochet.


Price £2.50 plus £1.50 postage


Jean Greenhowe Magic Toy box

Jean Greenhowe - knitting & sewing

The Magic Toybox

Knitted Sally Scarecrow; sew town & country mouse; sugar plum mouse with tutu and ballet shoes; Royal mouse; cheeky church mouse; Valentine mouse; bobble dolls.

8 pages from a magazine

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

owl bookends

Owl bookends to sew designed by Alan Dart

16 cms tall

pages from a magazine

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

jean greenhowe the great toy collection

Jean Greenhowe

The great toy collection to knit and sew

8 pages from a magazine

to sew: hedgehogs for all seasons 8.25 inches high; Rosie the rosette doll 14 inches high

to knit: Hansel, Gretel 6 inches high and the Wicked Witch 9 inches high

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

My Weekly fun toys to knit and sew

My Weekly magazine

8 page pull-out of Fun Toys to knit and sew

to knit: rabbit; pig; cat; bear; panda; penguin; dolls; finger puppets - dog; cat; robin; blackbird; punk; girl; burglar; policeman

Price £2 plus £1 postage

to sew: rabbit


Sirdar 4877 Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill Toy and sweater

sizes: 22 to 32 inches

toy: 11 inches tall

6 pages

double knitting yarn

Sirdar 4877

Price £3 plus £1 postage

Woolworth 503 gift book

Woolworth Gift Book in double knitting yarn

24 pages

Patterns include: dog; hobby horse; glove puppet; square cushion cover; round cushion cover; poodle nightdress case; the man from mars; church window egg cosy; ginger cat egg cosy; toddler's slippers; this little pig stayed home; snowman sweet jar; crocodile; ladybird family; the fuzz

Woolworth 503

Price £2.50 plus £1.50 postage

loopy lamb

Loopy lamb

mohair yarn

4mm needles

cost £1.75 plus £1 postage

Patons 8006

Family Gifts

Men's gloves; girl's knee socks; crochet cosy; girl's muff; knitted doll; doll clothes; crochet workbag; patchwork cushion; knitted ball; check tie; two-colour tie; poodle bottle cover.

20 pages

Patons 8006

Price £3 plus £1.25 postage

Pink Panther toy knitting pattern

Pink Panther Toy

designed by Joy Gammon

15 inches tall

double knitting yarn

Wendy 2544

Price £2 plus £1 postage

10 Emu toy knitting patterns

Ideas for those odd ounces

40 pages

Doll's outfit; Teddy family; King-size Leo Night-dress case; Mini Leo; Coffee-pot cover; Tea cosy; Slipperettes; Bed socks; Octopus; Shoulder strap bag; hair curler bag; Children's slippers; cat; Child's poncho; Draught excluder; Dog's coat; hat & mittens; Hot water bottle cover; Children's Golly mitts; Toilet roll cover; Aran cushion cover; Clown door stop; Fishing hat; Striped tea cosy; Giraffe; Doll's poncho; hat mitts & scarf; Doll's dress crochet; toys - clown & snowman; Cracker night-dress case; Donkey; Aran shoulder bag

Emu B10

Price £5 plus £1.50 postage

Emu 23 knitted novelties

Emu Knitted Novelties

40 pages

Zebra; Caterpillar; Golly; Longleg dolls; three bears; 5 knitted & 4 crochet cushion covers; pompon novelties; doll's clothes; poodle bottle covers; cat; mitts & scarf; gloves; children's hats; tea cosies; fishing hat; crochet pot holders; fingerless mitts; family hats; teddy family; crochet hat & scarf; crochet pentagons floor cushions; toilet roll covers

Emu B23

Price £5 plus £1.50 postage

Sugar Plum Fairy Alan Dart knitting pattern toy

Sugar Plum Fairy designed by Alan Dart

double knitting yarn

5 pages from a magazine

Price £3.50 plus £1 postage

Alan Dart Sewing Patterns toys

Alan Dart Sewing Patterns

24 pages

Ballerina Fairy; Pink Flamingo; Donkey; Ladybird; Caterpillar; Pirate; Rag Doll

Price £5 plus £1.25 postage

knitted toy patterns

Toy knitting booklet

Frog; Dachshund pencil case; Kangaroo & baby; hanging birds

16 pages

Price £2 plus £1.25 postage

Knitted monkey cushion

Knitted Monkey Cushion

Width: 33cm. Height: 14.5cm

Aran yarn

Page from a magazine

Price £1.50 plus £1 postage

teaset knitting patterns cake

Fun tea set

French macaroons; reversible tea cosy; finger sandwiches; knitted cupcakes; chocolate gateau; battenberg

5 pages from a magazine

Price £2 plus £1 postage

Wendy 2349 Dangermouse

Dangermouse sweater & toy

designed by Joy Gammon

sizes: 24 to 30 inches

toy: 16 inches high

6 pages

Wendy 2349

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

2403 Copley Lotis knitted mice

Knit Charlie and his friends

Charlie Mouse; Mandy Mouse; Marcus Mouse & Marty Mouse

4 ply yarn

8 pages

Copley Lotus 2403

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

Big Book Toys knitting patterns

Big Book of Toys

Exclusive pattern book from Knit magazine - 36 pages

Patterns include: Fudge the dog; Tubby Tabby; Flamingo; Bo Peep; Owl Pillow; Lions; Badgers; Topsey-Turvey Sleeping Beauty; Deer; Duck Puppet; Bear Blanket; Great Big Dinosaur; Mousie

Price £2.50 plus £1.50 postage

Stylecraft 4884 teddy toy knitting pattern

Teddy Bears

height 12 to 20 inches

Eskimo double knitting

Stylecraft 4884

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

knitted doll pampers soakers

Knitted doll & soakers

Soakers to fit: 3-6 & 6-18 months

Doll: 35cm tall

double knitting yarn

6 pages from a magazine

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage


reindeer toy knitting pattern

Benny the Jolly Reindeer

designed by Cilla Webb

double knitting yarn

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage

King Cole 3000


Rabbit (12 inches tall); Duck (7 inches tall); Cat (12 inches tall); Dog (16 inches tall)

double knitting yarn

King Cole 3000

Price £2 plus £1 postage

Patons 184 Treasures knitting patterns toys


a chest full of over 40 rich ideas

crochet cosy; bobble egg cosy; tea and egg cosy; knitted cosy; caravan cosy; round crochet cushion; diamond pattern cushion; star edge design; square crochet cushion; crochet frog; knitted bird; crochet parrot; pixie; santa claus; crochet square bag; fair isle bag; crochet shoulder bag; knitted work bag; trendy doll's set; baby doll outfit; pink and white knitted set; trouser suit; doll's pram cover; pompon slippers; crochet shawl; bed socks; hot water bottle covers; slippers and loopy trims; crinoline lady doll; koala bear; ski doll; trouser suit; clown; kitten and duckling slippers; teddy bear nightdress case; crochet pram cover; bootees; baby bunting; napkin rings; golf club covers; oven mitt

Patons 184

Price 3 plus £1 postage

Patons 8010 toy & dolls clothes knitting patterns

Toys & Doll's clothes

Knitting & crochet patterns

16 pages

Mini doll and bed set; Scottie dog; pandas; tortoise; doll's clothes; chimp; night case; donkey; poodle; humpty

Patons 8010

Price £3 plus £1 postage

Marriner 1988

Hot water bottle cover; Penguin; Bed socks; Guardsman

double knitting yarn & 4 ply

Marriner 1988

Price £2.50 plus £1 postage


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