The Adventures of Percy, Adria, Bailey & Oakley
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The Adventures of Percy:
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Percy & the red squirrels

Percy is caravanning at Glenmidge, Dumfries & Galloway and helps Hamish to feed the red squirrels.

Percy & red squirrel

Percy goes to the beach

Percy is caravanning at St Agnes, Cornwall and goes to Chapel Porth beach.

Percy & the snow

Percy is caravanning at Hawes, North Yorkshire and visits the farmer's market to see the sheep.

Percy goes walking with Grandad

Percy is caravanning at Loch Tay, Scotland and goes walking from Kenmore with Grandad.

Percy meets a new friend

Granny knits Percy a new friend!

Percy visits Woolfest at Cockermouth

Percy is caravanning at Lamplugh, Cumbria and visits the Woolfest at Cockermouth.

Percy visits the Steam Museum at Swindon

Percy is caravanning at Dauntsey Lock, Wiltshire and visits Thomas the Tank Engine at the Steam Museum, Swindon.

Percy & Oakley's Christmas

Percy & Oakley have a lovely Christmas in the Cotswolds.

Percy and his friend Judith

Percy meets his friend Judith in Falmouth, Cornwall and helps her research her family history.

Percy goes fishing with Grandad

Percy goes fishing with Grandad on the River Lune near Caton.

Percy catches a tin of John West Skippers

Percy looks for Big Foot

Percy is in the USA. He stays at the Lighthouse on Hammersley and meets the Sheriff who makes him Deputy. The Sheriff asks him to look for Big Foot. Will Percy find Big Foot?

Percy in the forest

Percy and the 12 days of Christmas

Watch Percy trying all the drums and sitting on the milkmaid's stools.

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6 geese a laying

Percy visits his friend Judith.

Percy visits his friend Judith. Judith lives in Corvallis, Oregon, America. He has to go on an aeroplane! Percy wants to be a cowboy and rides a pony!

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Meg Matt & their dogs

Matt and Meg and their dogs, Dan & Molly go walking in the Trough of Bowland, North Lancashire.

Pig Hamlet

Pig Hamlet.


The Opening of Ripley Hospital, Lancaster

An account of the opening of Ripley Hospital in Lancaster, Lancashire - told in drawings.

Ripley Hospital was opened on the 3rd November 1864 'amid great public rejoicings.' Ripley Hospital was an endowed school founded by Mrs Julia Ripley in memory of her husband Thomas Ripley, a native of Lancaster and a merchant of Liverpool.

It was a grim prospect for a orphan last century - as Charles Dickens would have agreed. But if you had to start life as a fatherless or motherless child, you were better off in Lancaster than in most other towns. For Lancaster had Ripley Hospital where some 300 children lived in what was comparative luxury for the 19th century.

Article in the Caravan Magazine January 2012 - page 9

Touring tales with Percy: Many Club members take their dogs or even cats away on their holidays - but there can't be many caravanning penguins! Linda and husband David bought their first tourer - a Bailey Pageant - four years ago and Linda, a keen knitter, thought it would be nice to create a 'caravan friend.' She dug out an old pattern and Percy was born.

Now, whenever they go away they sign their postcards to grandsons Rowan & Elliot, 'love Granny, Grandad and Percy.'

Linda has turned Percy's caravanning exploits into a series of stories that can be viewed at Titles include Percy and the Squirrels and Percy meets a new friend, each illustrated with photographs of our hero in action.


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The Adventures of Bailey & Adria:

Rabbit & Percy go geocaching

Percy & Rabbit go geocaching in the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire.

Rabbit's new friend

Granny knits Rabbit a friend and Percy gives them both a name. They want to have adventures like Percy and stowaway in the caravan!

Bailey finds a key

Bailey finds a key at Castle Park, Lancaster - which door will it fit? The Castle, the Priory, the Judge's Lodgings, the Roman Baths or the Cottage. Find out - made as part of the Castle Park Stories.

Bailey at the castle gate

Bailey goes walking with Granny

Bailey is caravanning at Roybridge, Highland, Scotland and goes in the Gondola up The Ben Nevis Range.

Adria goes to the Stitch & Craft Show with Aunty Helen

Adria & Aunty Helen visit the Stitch & Craft Show 2012 at the Olympia 2, London

Bailey & Adria visit Great Nan & Great Grandad

Great Nan shows Adria how to bake some buns and sew. Great Grandad shows Bailey how to mend things.

Bailey learns about Steam trains

Bailey and Grandad walk by the Ffestiniog Railway and visit Porthmadog Station in Wales.

Bailey & Adria learn to read

Percy teaches Bailey & Adria to read.
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Bailey & Adria

The Adventures of Oakley:

Oakley's day

Oakley is a Border Terrier and is Percy's new friend. This is all about Oakley's day and an introduction to his family: Uncle Ben & Aunty Helen.
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Oakley goes for a walk

Oakley goes for a walk with Aunty Helen at Oakley Hill Nature Reserve on the Ridgeway - Viewed with Adober Reader

Oakley and the hens

Oakley helps Aunty Helen look after the hens in their garden.

Oakley goes geocaching

Oakley goes geocaching with Uncle Ben.

Oakley the Border terrier with a ball

Wallace's day

Wallace is Oakley's Italian cousin. He lives with Aunty Jean & Uncle Alberto. They go for a walk on the Via Francigena. (The Via Francigena is an ancient road between Rome and Canterbury, passing through England, France, Switzerland and Italy. In mediaval times it was an important road and pilgrimage route. To pilgrims headed south, it was the Via Romea; to those headed north, the Via Francigena.)


Tales from the caravan:

Grandad saves a gannet

Grandad is walking on the Cornwall coastal path near Polzeath and sees a gannet with it's beak wrapped in a fishing net..

Audio stories read by Granny & Grandad:

Granny & the cow.

Granny & the bee

Other stories:

Grandad & Uncle Ben fly their aeroplanes

Ben & aeroplane

Goldilocks & the three bears and The Billy goats gruff.


"The Magazine Team have fallen in love with Percy! We think the idea is great and we love the stories."

"I am emailing you because I read ‘Touring Tales with Percy’ in the January issue of the Club Magazine and really enjoyed it; then I logged on to your excellent website which I found really impressive and very interesting. I love the old recipes and tips and things and wanted to say congratulations to you on such a good job."

" It’s a lovely idea and I can see why your grandsons enjoy hearing about Percy's adventures."

"I've had a look on your website and think the stories are terrific."

"The stories are very entertaining to read and are certainly a good way of engaging young children and it made me smile. You also have some lovely squirrel pictures in the story."

" I will be showing them to my four year old Grand-daughter and my two year old Grand-son. I know they will love them. They do have just the right amount of content and pictures. I know they will just love the story of ‘Percy goes to the seaside’."

"I have just read ALL your Percy stories and also the Bailey and Adria ones. Linda I have decided you should get them published, I think they are really good!!"

"I absolutely LOVE your Percy series and so does the little guy! I may have to make him an Eeyore because of it! I hope you write more stories."

"My kids are going to love these!"

"Love the stories, and the excellent photo’s of Percy…"

"Brilliant made me chuckle out loud."

"I just read Several of Percy’s adventures. I love them. I read a few to my 3 year old daughter and her favorite part was when Grandma makes Adria for Bailey. Looking forward to future episodes."

"First off - Bunny’s knit trousers are just too cute!
And then that picture of Bunny helping Grandad sign the log book just totally cracked me up!!
Also, loved the pictures of Percy and Bunny helping at the computer and map, figuring out where the cache is."

From John West Skippers: " We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Percy and Rabbit’s adventures. My personal favourite is Percy meets a new friend and Percy goes walking with Grandad. The knitted characters are absolutely wonderful! Percy certainly does have good taste in fish and we are glad that his favourite food is John West Skippers."

"The adventures of Percy & Friends are a big hit here in Italy - they bring a "sparkle" to my English lessons! Well done Percy & Friends and Grandma & Grandad!"

"I have your Percy Penguin stories downloaded to my computer and think they are really delightful.  Thank you for sharing them on your website.  Since we live in the USA, the grandkids did ask about what a caravan was and some other "strange" words.  :-)"

"It certainly looks as though Percy had a busy day out at Chapel Porth – has he got his National Trust membership card yet (I'm not sure what the price is for knitted members)?"
"I have just spent an hour catching up with Percy, Bailey and Adria and their wonderful adventures! They are simply brilliant.

"I love Matt and Meg - I am going to show Matilda them all! She will simply love them!"

"Love the little stories with the stuffed animals."

"I have been browsing your websites and Ravelry site and LOVE the little stories about the animals and their adventures. It is so inspiring to see them - our youngest grandson is called Hamish and I see a Hamish in one story!"